Custom Murals

All Mediums, All Sizes

When our creative team isn’t busy building the next Guinness World Record setting mural we enjoy working closely with clients to create custom murals out of a wide variety of materials. The sky is the limit: we customize each installation as specified by the client in order to create the perfect fit for any interior or exterior space. Rubik’s Cube murals are always a hit, however we always create murals with Coffee Beans, Crayola Crayons, Mixed Media, as well as Vinyl Records, Pushpins, LEGO bricks and more: the possibilities for art are infinite. As always, custom colours, subject matter and sizes are available upon request.

Coffee beans, Crayola Crayons, Lego Brick, Lenticular, Mixed Media, Photography, Pixel Portraits, Rubik's Cubes, Spools of thread, Vinyl Record Mosaics